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John Deere 8.1 Litre Diesel Engines
Industrial engine specifications
Generator set engine specifications

Tier 2 - 6081 (8.1L) 149-261 kW (200-350 hp)
Tier 1 - 6081 (8.1L) 128-205 kW (172-275 hp)

Smart and powerful, this 6-cylinder 8.1L engine features an electronically controlled John Deere fuel system to monitor critical functions. Directed top-liner cooling reduces oil consumption and emissions. Optional rear PTO drives medium or large hydraulic pumps or compressors.

Features & Benefits

Directed Top-Liner Cooling

6081A diesel engine
6081T diesel engine
  • Directing coolant to upper end of the liner reduces liner temperatures by up to 100°F (54°C), improving power cylinder durability, head gasket life, and reducing oil consumption and emissions

SAE J1939 Standard Communication Link

  • Industry standard, which provides an interface with vehicle systems, like transmission, hydraulics and various accessory drives minimizing machine complexity and reducing vehicle total installed cost

John Deere Electric Controls

  • John Deere electronically controlled fuel systems monitor critical engine functions and either derates or shuts down (override capability provided) and engine to prevent costly engine repairs
  • Built-in controls eliminate need for costly add-on engine warning/shutdown systems and associated devices
  • Service diagnostics and error codes automatically stored for later retrieval, increasing machine uptime
  • Performance connector part of engine wiring harness which allows for programming of multiple power curves and droop or isochronous governor regulation

Either-Side Service

  • Combination oil fill/dipstick available on either side of the engine, greatly simplifying engine installation

Gear auxiliary drive

  • Left hand gear auxiliary drive available which provides up to 60 hp (45 kW), intermittent

Self-adjusting Poly-vee Fan Drive

  • Self-adjusting, eight-groove, poly-vee fan drive provides multiple fan drive ratios and fan heights that can be matched to specific application requirements
  • Poly-vee design provides more than twice the drive capacity of comparable vee-belts

Additional Features

  • 8.1L engine includes gear-driven water pump, improved accessory mounting, gear-driven auxiliary drive, self-adjusting poly-vee fan drive, air compressors, and high-mount A/C compressor options

Optional Rear PTO

  • Rear PTO is an integral part of the flywheel housing and provides a means for driving medium/large hydraulic pump(s), and air compressors
  • Available in SAE #1 or SAE #2 flywheel-housing configuration for dry applications
  • 1.3:1 output ratio allows the use of smaller, higher speed hydraulic pumps
  • Gear train, pump drives, and flanged output drive are capable of up to 300hp/224kW (750 ft-lbs/1018 N.m torque) on an intermittent basis
  • Right-hand side pad standard with optional left-hand side pad
  • SAE standard "C" and optional "B", "D" mounting pads and flange output drives

Industrial engine specifications
all PowerTech 6081 Tier 1 diesel engines: 172-350 hp (128-261 kWm)

Generator set engine specifications
all PowerTech 6081 Tier 1 generator drive engines: 210-347 hp (157-259 kWm)

1500 rpm/50 Hz ratings available. Electrical power is calculated from typical generator efficiency and fan power percentages. Applications may vary.

Updated March 2012