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Zenith Power Products Multifuel Engines

Zenith Power Systems multifuel engines offer versatility. Liquid or gaseous fuels can be used in the same compact, durable package.

All Zenith engines feature "industrial" heavy-duty features such as stellite valve facing and replaceable valve seats for longer engine life.

Zenith Power Products provides power to virtually every industrial engine market sector including material handling, scrubbers and sweepers, generators, aerial platforms, carpet cleaners, pumps, concrete saws, and construction equipment in gasoline, propane, natural gas and dual fuel applications. All ZPP engines currently meet California Air Resources Board and EPA requirements

Model Details & Specs Intermittent output Continuous output Peak torque Fuel and type
ZPP-410 details

spec sheet
38 Hp @ 3,600 rpm 34 Hp @ 3,600 rpm 55 ft-lb/3,600 rpm Gasoline/multiport - LPG/NG mixer type

4 Cylinder in-line, SOHC
ZPP-416 details

spec sheet
48 Hp @ 3,000 rpm 44 Hp @ 3,000 rpm 93 ft-lb/2,600 rpm Gasoline/multiport - LPG/NG mixer type

4 Cylinder In-line, DOHC
ZPP-420 details

spec sheet
61 HP @ 3,000 rpm 55 HP @ 3,000 rpm 112 ft-lb/2,400 rpm Gasoline/multiport - LPG/NG mixer type

4 Cylinder in-line, DOHC
ZPP-428 details

spec sheet
94 hp @ 3,600 rpm 64 hp @ 3,000 rpm 150 ft/lb @ 2,000 rpm Gasoline-Multi-port/LPG/NG Mixer Type

4 Cylinder In-line, OHV
ZPP-640 details

spec sheet
139HP @ 3,000 rpm 104 HP @ 3,000 rpm 246 ft-lb/2,200 rpm Gasoline / Multi-port - LPG/NG mixer type

6 Cylinder in-line, OHV

Updated Dec/09