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Kohler Power Systems

Kohler onsite power
Kohler residential gas
Kohler marine generators

Kohler Power Systems is one of the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of high quality diesel, gasoline and gaseous fuelled generator sets.

Frontier Power Products Ltd. is the premier full service Kohler Power Systems distributor for BC, Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. Kohler Power Systems full product line includes industrial diesel and gaseous fuelled units for standby and prime power applications from 8 kWe to 3250 kWe, transfer switches from 100 A to 4000 A, paralleling systems and switchgear, towable units for rental applications, residential generator systems for homeowners and off-grid applications, commercial mobile units for service truck applications, as well as marine generators for pleasure craft and commercial applications.

Providing a comprehensive range of generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and communications solutions for nearly any power requirement on land or at sea, Kohler Power Systems is the trusted name in power generation.

Industrial / commercial generator sets
Mobile diesel generators
Residential backup generators
Small business generators
Marine generators
Mobile power

Generator controls
Transfer switches and switchgear

Kubota-driven PowerLine Generators®

PowerLine generator sets

Kubota Engines

Standard, customizable generator sets, designed and built by Frontier Power Products

PowerLine Generators® KS750-T3 - 6.5 kWe (6.5 kVA) prime power, 7.5 kWe (7.5 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS850-T3 - 7 kWe (7 kVA) prime power, 8 kWe (8 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS1000-T3 - 9 kWe (9 kVA) prime power, 10 kWe intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS1200-T3 - 10.5 kWe (10.5 kVA) prime power, 12 kWe (12 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS1400-T3 - 12 kWe (12 kVA) prime power, 14 kWe (14 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS2000-T3 - 18 kWe (18 kVA) prime power, 20 kWe (20 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS2300-T3 - 21 kWe (21 kVA) prime power, 23 kWe (23 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS3000-T3 - 28 kWe (28 kVA) prime power, 30 kWe (30 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS3800-T3 - 35 kWe (35 kVA) prime power, 38 kWe (38 kVA) intermittent

PowerLine Generators® KS4600-T3 - 42 kWe (42 kVA) prime power, 46 kWe (46 kVA) intermittent

John Deere-driven PowerLine Generators® & generator drive engines
PowerLine generator sets

Standard, customizable generator sets, designed and built by Frontier Power Products
40 - 400 kWe

John Deere generator drive engines

Mitsubishi-driven PowerLine Generators® & generator-drive engines
PowerLine generator sets
Mitsubishi Engine

Standard, customizable generator sets, designed and built by Frontier Power Products
350 kWe - 2 MWe

Industrial generator drive diesel engines: 4 cycle, water cooled, turbocharged and aftercooled.

Kubota generator sets & generator-drive engines

Kubota Engines

Kubota SQ series sound-attenuated generator sets. Single Phase 11.2 - 24 kVA
Three Phase 11.2 - 38.5 kVA

Pre-packaged GL series generator sets

Kubota BG series generator drive engines 9 - 52 kWm

GE Stationary Generator sets
PowerLine generator sets

GE stationary diesel generators
1 MWe - 3 MWe

Sound Attenuated Generators Sets

Frontier designed and built Quiet Power generator sets. Standard build packages of 40, 60, 75, 100 and 125, 175 and 275 kW sets powered by John Deere engines. Custom packaged, enclosed, sound attenuated generator sets to 400 kW.

Frontier Quiet Power - FQ-DS075 Generator Set: 55 kW (75 kVA) prime power, 60 kW (75 kVA) intermittent
Frontier Quiet Power - FQ-DS175 Generator Set: 187 kW (150 kVA) prime power, 219 kW (175 kVA) intermittent

Many sizes and configurations are available--please contact our equipment sales team for details.

Kubota SQ generators

Kubota SQ (Super Quiet) series packaged generator sets. Single Phase 11.2 - 24 kVA
Three Phase 11.2 - 38.5 kVA

Long Run Oil System™

Many industrial generator set engines can be supplied with Frontier's exclusive Long Run Oil System™ package, offering extended oil change intervals to 2,500 hours.

Frontier's field-proven Long Run Oil System™ offers customers extended service intervals without sacrificing the life of the engine.

PowerTower™ & Genesis Portable Lighting Towers

Light towers

PowerTowerPortable Light Towers Frontier's PowerTower™ portable lighting towers are built to withstand western Canada's severe operating conditions. Reliability, durability, operating economy and versatility combined in a superior, field proven unit.

PowerTower is available as a portable lighting tower or as a combined A.C. generating set and lighting tower. This allows greater utilization of the machine. Generator outputs from 6 to 25kWe are available. To enhance this versatility, several electrical distribution configurations are offered.

Genesis Power Light™ portable lighting towers for work sites, sporting events or other locations requiring reliable, portable lighting.

Remote Site Power

Remote Extended Run genset Remote Site Generators Frontier designed and built, the RER (Remote Extended Run) generator set is designed to provide reliable operation in remote locations, and to extend regular service intervals without any sacrifice in performance or overall equipment life. They include our Long Run Oil System™, oversize fuel tank, specially-designed cooling system, and enclosure designed to allow sufficient air to flow to the unit even if one side should become blocked (ice storm, leaf build-up etc.) The genset has satellite communications to allow remote monitoring, testing and control.

"Turn key" and Specialty generator sets

Trailer mounted 40 kW genset

Frontier designed and built custom "turn key" generator sets for oil field, mining, emergency, and remote site power generation. 60 kWe to 2,000 kWe

Specialty generator sets At Frontier we recognize that a need exists for both standard and custom built products. We manufacture generator sets for both markets.

  • Gensets from 6.5 kW to 400 kW can be supplied in Frontier's exclusive Long Run version, offering extended oil change intervals to 2,500 hours.
  • Many generator sets can be trailer mounted
  • Industrial enclosures are available for a wide variety of work environments
  • Where noise is an issue, we offer sound-attenuated enclosures

Motor Generator Sets

Motor generator set Frontier designed and built custom built MG (Motor/Generator) sets Supply "clean power" to sensitive loads where the main power is "dirty" or unstable.

Stamford Alternators

Newage International The Stamford range of synchronous a.c. generators includes 2-pole, 4-pole, and 6-pole generators at low voltage and 4-pole generators at medium and high voltages.

Marine Generator Sets & generator drive engines

Marine diesel generators to 180 kW
Marine gasoline generators to 15 kW
Low CO emissions generators to 15 kW
John Deere marine engines from 40 to 416 kWe (54-558 hp)
Kubota Engines Kubota marine generator sets from 20 to 67 hp
Mitsubishi Engine Marine generator drive engines from 450 to 4000 hp
Marine generator drive engines from 2009 to 6250 hp
CSA approved

As a CSA-listed generator set manufacturer, Frontier takes product integrity seriously. Canadian Standards Association approval assures that all Frontier-built generator sets conform to demanding third-party standards.

All electrical components used in manufacturing generator sets must also meet CSA standards. Consistent standards for components and rigid testing procedures offer our customers an assurance of quality not found in many competitive generator sets.

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