JD Electronic Engine Code Reader

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JD Electronic Engine Code Reader v2.2 Service Tool #FR1042


Frontier Power Products offers an alternative service diagnostic tool to allow viewing and clearing stored and active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) on any JD electronic engines equipped with 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic connector in engine harness (tagged #C11).

The Problem

  1. Service technicians are not able to view and/or reset stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) to allow an electronic JD engine to restart in the field or in their shop. \
  2. ServiceADVISOR™ not available for non-dealer use.
  3. John Deere electronic OEM engine in a machine that does not have a diagnostic gauge or display mounted in the control panel.

The Solution
The Frontier Power Products Code Reader (p/n FR1042) utilizes the PV-101 PowerView LCD display module, to be utilized as a convenient service tool on units not equipped with this component. This is an easy option for the restricted ServiceADVISOR™ program. The Code Reader kit User Guide has detailed instructions to parameter view setup, as well as view and clear stored and active DTC’s.


  • Read and clear active or stored DTCs
  • Monitor engine data parameters(a) live in 1-up or 4-up display modes when engine running
  • 12V or 24V compatible
  • Portable
  • When used along with appropriate engine CTM (Component Tech Manual) for Electronic Fuel System, user can diagnose and repair 95% of engine issues from the retrieved DTC

    **CTM sold separately

(a)Parameters available to display: Engine hours, RPM, System voltage, Percent engine load at current RPM, Coolant temp, Oil pressure, Throttle position, Intake manifold pressure, Current fuel consumption, Active service codes (diagnostic) and Stored service codes (diagnostic).

FR1042 Kit includes

  • FW Murphy PV101-C PowerView display module
  • Jumper harness – 5ft with connector for engine harness C-11
  • Battery connection leads
  • 10 amp breaker and On-Off switch
  • Sturdy and waterproof Pelican carry case

A list of DTC’s are listed in the applicable engine’s operation manual.

For instructions on viewing active and stored DTC’s, refer to applicable electronic engine operation manual.

For instructions on clearing stored DTC’s, refer to applicable electronic component engine technical manual (CTM) or the User Guide supplied with the Code Reader. For diagnostics and repair detail, refer to applicable engine’s CTM.

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