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Amazingly efficient parts department! Our parts departments are happy to help you find the parts you need. Contact us
After-hours parts and service is available. Contact info for all our branches
Check parts inventory online. Full access to our entire parts inventory
Online parts books:
John Deere online parts books
PowerTower PT4000 parts book PDF file
Genesis GT4000 light tower parts book PDF file
John Deere Electronic Engine Code Reader v2.0
Frontier Power Products offers an alternative service diagnostic tool to allow viewing and clearing stored and active diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) on JD electronic engines equipped with 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic connector.
Online account access:
It's easy to access your Frontier customer account online. Then you can:
  • order parts online
  • build and save parts lists, and easily order them
  • check parts order status, and make changes to your orders
  • see shop job status
  • see your account statement and invoice detail
  • see your invoices and equipment purchases back to day one.
If you don't have a Frontier customer account, please send us a Credit Application.

To set up online access, create a Frontier web account. (It takes about three minutes.) Then we will link your Frontier web account to your Frontier customer account, and you'll be ready to go.

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John Deere Remanufactured components for John Deere engines. Every remanufactured component meets or exceeds the performance and service life of a new product.
  Frontier used to be the North American distributor for Gardner diesel engines. While Gardner no longer manufactures diesel engines, a large number of Gardners are still in use in North America in fishing boats and buses.

Sointula Power Products purchased all of Frontier's Gardner parts inventory in January 2013. They are able to supply parts, and perform repairs on Gardner engines.
Sointula Power Products Ltd.
255 Kaleva
PO Box 54
Sointula, BC V0N 3E0
tel: 1-250-973-6262
fax: 1-250-973-2004

  Information Technology Advantage
Need a part for a generator set purchased 10 years ago? No problem! We can check which units you purchased, find the serial number, then view the build spec and parts list--in seconds. Our custom designed computer system allows our highly skilled parts department to give you the best service in the industry.