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We ship all over the world. We have many regular customers across North, Central and South America. While there are special considerations for each country, international sales are usually fairly straightforward. Here are some special areas of concern for international shipments:


FedEx offers overnight service on packages up to 150 lbs (68 kg) to most of the USA. For shipments up to 1500 lbs (681 kg), or shipments to other countries, FedEx can usually deliver in 2-3 business days.

We have arrangements in place with several truck, air and ocean freight companies for larger shipments. For smaller packages, options include UPS and Canada Post.


Well-established companies can set set up a regular account with 30 days terms with our Credit Application. We accept Visa and MasterCard from companies and individuals. Larger orders may require a letter of credit from your bank or other arrangements.

Visa and MasterCard shipments are billed in Canadian dollars and will be converted by your bank. We can quote and bill all other shipments in either US or Canadian dollars.


FedEx includes Customs brokerage in its rates to most countries; UPS includes Customs brokerage fees on low value shipments to the USA. Other shipping methods require you to have a local Customs Broker to handle your country’s Customs regulations.

Each country has specific Customs paperwork requirements. We will provide the proper documentation to ensure your shipment arrives at your door without delay.

We can arrange door-to-door delivery and handle all the details—including Customs brokerage—for shipments to the USA.

The US requires the Social Security Number of any individual, or the IRS number of the business that imports goods into the USA. Engines and engine-powered equipment entering the USA require EPA engine emission documentation which we provide.

Most other countries also require that your tax ID number be printed on our invoice.


Peru requires pre-inspection of export shipments valued over Cdn$5,000. This inspection is done while the goods are still in our shop by an approved inspection company. This process can delay shipments by several days. Other countries may have similar requirements. so check with your local Customs Broker, your international freight carrier, or our export department to confirm.

Duties and Taxes

Exports are free of all Canadian duties and taxes. However your country may impose its own duties and taxes. These are usually billed to you by your Customs Broker (or FedEx or UPS if they are handling the brokerage).

Frontier-built PowerTowers, generator sets, pump units and most power units qualify under NAFTA so can be imported duty free into the USA and Mexico. Check with us for the NAFTA status of specific models, as conditions do apply.

After-Sales Parts & Service

Worldwide parts and service are available for most of the products we sell through your local dealer. Contact us if you need help locating a servicing dealer near you. Generally speaking, US Immigration rules do not allow us to send mechanics into the USA. Most other countries do allow Frontier mechanics access to service equipment we have supplied.

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