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High above the sea, at 9,000’ of elevation (2,750 m), a generator set installation provides reliable power for a major communications company. A pair of John Deere powered generator sets is installed in a 20’ weather protective enclosure. Each of the units is equipped with a Long Run Oil System that allows maintenance intervals to be stretched to 3,000 hours under normal operating conditions. The engines use specially designed bypass filters that also provide additives to maintain the TBN (total base number) of the lube oil. As well, synthetic medium, full flow oil filters will not degrade over the lengthy service interval.


The generators are Stamford single bearing, four-pole machines that are torsionally compatible with the John Deere engines. Only one generator set is required to operate at any time. The running unit acts as a prime power set while the other set is in standby mode. A dual source transfer switch allows the owner to select which set will be designated “prime”, the second set automatically becomes the standby unit. If for any reason the prime power unit is unable to perform its role, the standby set will start and assume the prime power function.

Also housed within the building is a 250 imperial gallon (1,135 L) diesel fuel day tank. The level is automatically maintained by an electric transfer pump system. A spill containment housing is provided for the fuel storage tank and full volume drip trays under the generator sets prevent any possibility of spillage outside of the building.

This custom-built generator installation is designed to meet the demands of the location and the requirements of the owners. Frontier has provided this level of reliability from the Arctic to the tropics. We enjoy the challenge. For us, it’s just another day in paradise.

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Communications Tower Power in Hawaii – John Deere Powered Gensets with Long Run Oil System