Specialty Gensets

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Specialty Gensets
Custom completion options

The majority of the alternating current generator sets offered are manufactured for "normal" load and site conditions. At Frontier we recognize that a need exists for both standard and custom built products and therefore, we manufacture generator sets for both markets.

Load Conditions
Frequently we are encountering high levels of silicon control rectifier (SCR) loads, variable frequency drive systems and the like. As well, set sizing to accommodate across the line starting of motors can provide significant cost savings in fuel over a conventionally sized unit or the purchase of "soft start" equipment.

Site Conditions
Engines and generators are affected by altitude and temperature. Frontier has experience in tailoring generator sets for high altitudes or low/high ambient temperatures.

Weather resistant enclosure

Shown, optional shatter resistant glass and cable feed access under door.

Custom Completion Options
Weather protective enclosures, in-base or free standing fuel storage tanks and trailer chassis are among the many completion options offered by Frontier.

Enclosures are available in "standard" sizes or, if required, the enclosure can be modified to accommodate other on-site requirements such as distribution equipment. Sound attenuation is available as well. All enclosures are powder coated to provide superior weather resistance. Keyed-alike, lockable doors are standard. Plated fasteners and heavy gauge sheet metal provide "rattle-free" operation.

Fuel storage tanks of various sizes are available for in-base mounting on most Frontier generator sets.

For mobile usage, the generator set can be supplied with a D.O.T. approved trailer base suited to the dimensions and weight of the unit.

Please contact us for information on our customer packaged generator sets to suit your requirements. We will be pleased to offer references or examples of successful applications at various sites around the world.