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We offer an alternative service diagnostic tool to allow end-users and technicians to perform simple diagnostics on any JD electronic engine equipped with 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic connector in the engine harness (tagged #C11).

9-pin Deutsch Connector
The Problems
  • Customers and technicians are not able to perform diagnostics or reset fault codes easily.
  • ServiceADVISOR™ customer version is costly and restrictive.
  • John Deere electronic OEM engine in an OEM machine does not have a diagnostic gauge or display mounted in the control panel.
The Solution

The Frontier Power Products Diagnostic Gauge kit (part number FR1042T4) utilizing the latest LCD display module DG14, was created to be used as a convenient service tool on units not equipped with this component. This is an economical option for the ServiceADVISOR™ program. The kit’s User Guide has detailed instructions to setup various data views, view and clear stored and active fault codes plus perform exhaust regen procedure for iT4 and FT4 engines.

When used along with appropriate engine CTM (Component Tech Manual, sold separately) for Electronic Fuel System, user can diagnose and troubleshoot 95% of engine electronic issues from the retrieved DTC.
Diagnostic Gauge v3.0 Kit – #FR1042T4
LCD Display Module – DG14
  • Portable.
  • New enhanced input buttons (4) with positive tactile response.
  • Provide FT4 functions including:
    • DEF fluid level.
    • Exhaust Regeneration (IT4 and FT4).
    • Emissions override control (if engine is equipped).
  • Torque Speed Control (TSC) capable.
  • Password protected screen.
  • Monitor engine systems via CAN network.
  • View and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s).
  • Perform preliminary engine diagnostics.
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V systems.
  • Backward compatible for Tier 3 engines.

DG14 Display Features

  • 3.2 inch backlit LCD screen.
  • Sunlight readable.
  • Selectable background color: Green or red.
  • LED fault code indicators with adjustable brightness (red & amber).
  • Adjustable back lighting brightness.
  • Supports three (3) digital inputs.
  • Supports two (2) digital outputs.
  • Supports one (1) analog input.

DG14 Utility Features

  • 5 Languages:  English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
  • Full engine parameter list that allows visibility to all CAN parameters that the display supports.
  • Units: Selectable for Metric kPa, Metric bar, or English.
  • Software Data provides the ability to view:
    • Engine software version installed in the ECU.
    • The Deere software version installed in the gauge.
    • The DG14 software provided by the gauge supplier.
Kit includes
  • JDPS DG14 LCD display module.
  • Jumper harness – 6ft with connector for engine harness C-11.
  • Battery connection leads – 6ft with clamp-on ends – connects to units battery.
  • 10-amp breaker and On-Off switch.
  • Sturdy, protective, and waterproof Pelican™ carry case.
  • User Guide Manual.
No online access required
No monthly license fees

A list of DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Code) are listed in the applicable engine’s operation manual and the applicable CTM.

For instructions on viewing active and stored DTC’s, refer to applicable electronic engine operation manual.

For diagnostic and troubleshooting instructions for the active DTC, user must refer to the applicable electronic engine component technical manual (CTM).

For kit current pricing and availability, see Frontier Power Products Parts Online (part number FR1042T4).

For pricing on CTMs, contact your Frontier parts rep. CTMs available on paper and CD-ROM.

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