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The Best Solution for Marine Starting Problems

A marine environment can be a tough place for an air starter to work. It is difficult to keep water and contaminants out of the compressed air. TDI offers the solution for long-lasting reliability in a marine environment.

Vane type starters rely on close tolerances to provide power and torque. These reduced clearances cannot tolerate contaminants or water. TDI starters employ turbines that are largely unaffected by dirt and contaminants. This design provides durability and reliability even in the most demanding marine environments.

Many competitive starters require high volumes of low pressure air to produce the power and torque needed to start diesel engines. Others require high pressure air to produce sufficient torque. TDI air starters, with their efficient turbine construction, produce superior power and torque with lower volume, low pressure air (< 150 psi).

TDI starters require no lubrication so there is no messy exhaust air to contend with. There is no lubrication system to maintain and the engine room air is not affected by the starter’s emissions.

Available in pre-engaged or inertial engagement configurations, TDI air starters are ideal for all diesel, dual fuel or natural gas engines. Starters are available in a wide range of configurations and sizes to easily adapt to most engines.

Frontier Power Products ULC is BC’s exclusive distributor for TDI air starters for marine applications. Contact us for more information. We can help you select the right starter for your needs.
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