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Introducing our new standard built generator sets in the Deere line up! These units are designed to complement our popular KS generator sets. Units are designed with simplicity for service and increased reliability in mind.

Standard off the shelf Quick Ship packages come in the following sizes:

  • 40KWe
  • 50KWe
  • 50KWe+
  • 80KWe
  • 100KWe
  • 145KWe
  • 175KWe
  • 195KWe
  • 220KWe
  • 300KWe

Various AC voltages are available. Optional equipment is available but limited under the Quick Ship program. If you have more time – we have more options available!


  • CSA approved generator and distribution.
  • Conservative generator and engine ratings.
  • Exceptional reliability using the Deere engine and Stamford generator end as standard package.
  • Standard off the shelf packages ready to ship
  • Optional components available
  • Field proven performance.
  • Vibration isolated construction for smooth, quiet operation.


Power Output

Detailed specs

Dimensional drawing


JDS40-T4 40 JDS40-T4 Spec JDS40 FGA
JDS50-T4 50 JDS50-T4 Spec JDS50 FGA
JDS50-4L 50 JDS50-T4L Spec JDS50-T4L FGA
JDS80-T4 80 JDS80-T4 Spec JDS80 FGA
JDS100-T4 100 JDS100-T4 Spec JDS100 FGA
JDS145-T4 150 JDS145-T4 Spec JDS145 FGA
JDS175-T4 170 JDS175-T4 Spec JDS175 FGA
JDS195-T4 195 JDS195-T4 Spec JDS195 FGA
JDS220-T4 220 JDS220-T4 Spec JDS220 FGA
JDS300-T4 300 JDS300-T4 Spec JDS300 FGA
** All ratings are at 3 phase, 0.8 power factor**