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John Deere Break-In Oil
from John Deere product support

The first 100 hours of operation are critical to the life and performance of an engine. During the first hours of operation, the rings and liners must seat (establish a pattern) for proper performance. If this does not occur, the life of the engine can be adversely affected.

John Deere Engine Break-In Oil (part number TY22057) is a special-blend oil developed to be used in rebuilt or remanufactured engines and new John Deere engines during the break-in period.

This unique oil is formulated with special additives to allow the power cylinder components (pistons and liners) to "wear-in" while protecting other engine components (valve train and gears) from abnormal wear. These additives control piston and liner seating without scuffing. This oil also provides excellent piston deposit control. As a result, piston rings and liners establish a good wear pattern for maximum performance and extended engine life.

High-quality premium engine oils should not be used as a break-in oil. The superior anti-wear characteristics of premium oils will inhibit the proper matching of components which could result in excessive oil consumption.

John Deere Break-In Oil is an excellent oil for new or rebuilt non-John Deere engines. Engine rebuild instructions should be consulted to determine if special requirements are needed.

Consult the operator's manual for the break-in period. John Deere Break-in Oil has a 100 hour maximum drain interval.

New John Deere engines are filled at the factory with John Deere Engine Break-In Oil. During the break-in period, add John Deere Engine Break-In Oil (part number TY22057) as needed to maintain the specified oil level.

Change the oil and filter after the first 100 hours of operation of a new or rebuilt engine.

After an engine overhaul, fill the engine with John Deere Engine Break-In Oil. If John Deere Engine Break-In Oil is not available, use a diesel engine oil meeting one of the following criteria during the first 100 hours of operation:

After the break-in period, use John Deere PLUS-50 or other diesel engine oil as recommended in the engine's Operator's Manual

Do not use PLUS-50 oil or engine oils meeting API CH-4, API CG4, API CF4, ACEA E3, or ACEA E2 performance levels during the first 100 hours of operation of a new or rebuilt engine. These oils will not allow the engine to break-in properly.

PLUS-50 is a registered trademark of Deere & Company.
Sources: John Deere OMRG operators manual; John Deere P17032 Oil Sales Guide