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Claims must be submitted within 10 days of completion of repairs. All engine manufacturers have time limits—usually 30 days from the date of repair. After that, most manufacturers automatically reject the claim. Our warranty administrator also needs time to edit the claim if need be, and submit it to the manufacturer.
1.  Check to make sure the unit is within the warranty period.
  • See manufacturer’s warranty statements for specific guidelines.
  • Injectors and injection pumps are not usually warranted by the engine manufacturer, but by the injection pump manufacturer.
  • Call or email (Delta, head office), if you require assistance on this point.
2.  Complete Claim Form.

Please be specific and detailed about the following, as the more information you provide, the more likely that your claim will proceed without delays:

  • Complaint or symptoms of the problems.
  • Cause of the problem.
  • Corrective action taken.

Parts Used

  • Most engine manufacturers cover the cost of the parts only.They do not cover air freight charges. Some manufacturers give a small allowance over your net cost to cover freight charges.
  • Maintenance parts and normal wear items are not covered by warranty.


  • Some manufacturer’s allow travel time, some do not.
  • For guidelines, check the specific manufacturer’s warranty and information in Specific Manufacturer’s Guidelines below.
  • Any travel time over the guidelines must be charged to the customer.
  • Engine manufacturers have flat rate guides that give standard times and labour codes for repair labour. If you don’t have a Service Pricing Guide for the specific engine or piece of equipment, call or email (Delta, head office) and we will email you the relevant pages. We require these codes in order to submit your claim to the engine manufacturer.
  • Your labour is reimbursed at rates set out in your Frontier or equipment manufacturer dealer agreement.
  • Overtime labour charges are not reimbursed by any manufacturer.
3.  Submit Form.

Email the form as per instructions on the bottom of form along with copies of:

  • The bill of sale.
  • The supplier’s invoices for any outside purchases or services.
  • Digital photos for concealed damage claims. Digital photos are very useful in illustrating a problem and are often required by the manufacturer.

Specific Manufacturer’s Guidelines

John Deere

updated July 2015

  • John Deere industrial dealers are authorized to perform warranty service on John Deere engine models that are used in John Deere units they are authorized to sell. Marine Dealers provide warranty service on marine engines only; Service Dealers, on engines used by the OEM(s) they represent, and/or as covered by their Service Dealer Agreements.
  • All warranty work is to be performed by the nearest authorized John Deere engine service outlet. A purchaser requesting warranty service of a distributor or dealer, when there is one or more authorized service outlets nearer to the purchaser’s location, is to be directed to those locations for the required service.
  • Engines must be registered with John Deere before warranty claims are approved. See Online Engine Warranty Registration.
  • John Deere allows up to a maximum of $500 travel time and mileage.
  • Mileage is paid at $0.90/mile. Travel time and distance in excess of this are to be invoiced to the customer. The customer should be given to understand this before travel is performed.
  • Compensation will be credited for one trip only when multiple warranty repairs are made during the same service call. Credit will not be given for service calls to diagnose problems, for delivering parts, second trip, etc.
  • Documented expenses incurred in transporting an engine/vehicle for warranty service, up to a maximum of $500 for expenses actually incurred, may be claimed in lieu of travel expenses.
  • John Deere allows actual clean up time up to a maximum of 1 hour per claim in instances were fluids were spilled during diagnosis or repair of a warrantable fault.
  • John Deere allows environmental costs/taxes up to a maximum of $50 per claim only when applicable to the type of repair completed.

Additional warranty expenses allowed for marine engines only:

  • $600 combined mileage and travel time. This may involve multiple trips.
  • 1 hour diagnostic sea trial and 1 hour post-repair testing sea trial are allowed only if the type of repair warrants it.
  • $250 for crane rental for engine removal and reinstallation.

Engine replacements for John Deere Agricultural or Industrial dealers in a Deere vehicle.

  • A DTAC case needs to be opened.
  • There is a form that needs to be filled out laying out the options, i.e.,: Long Block / Short Block / Rebuild / Replace.
  • John Deere makes the decision on how to proceed.

“Gaining Access” Labor.

  • The engine purchaser is responsible for costs of gaining access to the engine when warranty repairs are required.
  • The term “gaining access”, not to be confused with “removal and reinstallation” (R&R) of non-engine parts of a machine in which the engine is installed, is used with respect to the physical surroundings of the engine/machine. For example, should a wall of a building need to be removed to gain access to an engine, the cost of doing so would be the purchaser’s expense. Likewise, should cutting a hole in the deck or hull of a vessel be required, the cost would be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Should special lifting devices need to be rigged, or a ramp installed, the costs are the customer’s responsibility.

“R&R” – Removal and Reinstallation Labor.

  • John Deere will accept as part of warranty repair labor reasonable time required to remove and reinstall (R&R) non-engine parts and/or components of a machine when this is required to reach the engine to perform warranty service.
  • Complete R&R of an engine is reimbursable when complete removal of the engine from the machine is required to perform the warranty service.
  • Do not confuse “R&R” with the term “gaining access”.

Keep all failed parts.

  • Keep all failed parts at your dealership until 90 days after the warranty claim is processed by John Deere.
  • Only defective material and workmanship are covered by the warranty. However, maintenance parts and normal wear items, such as oil and filters which must be replaced because of the repair of a non-maintenance part which is defective in material or workmanship, are subject to warranty coverage.

Engine cylinder liner and block cavitation.

  • Special attention is drawn to engine cylinder liner and block cavitation (“pitting”, “erosion”, “electrolysis”) which is prevented by proper cooling system maintenance, as outlined in the Operation and Maintenance Manual provided with the engine.
  • Such cavitation is not the result of defects in material or workmanship, so is not a warrantable failure.
  • Costs of cavitation failures are a customer expense, and claims must not be placed with John Deere.
  • When a customer requests warranty service based on possible liner cavitation symptoms (e.g. “water in the oil”), the first step must always be to test the quality of the coolant in the engine cooling system using a John Deere-recommended coolant test kit. When testing shows coolant quality to be inadequate, the customer must be informed of the results and told if liner or block cavitation is found upon teardown, the repair will not be claimable under the warranty.

Updated July 2015

Keep all replaced parts

  • Keep all parts replaced under warranty at your dealership for 180 days after the date of repair.
  • At any time during this 180 days, Kubota may ask for these parts to be returned.
  • After 180 days, the parts can be discarded.

Kubota does not reimburse failure diagnostic labour time, freight costs, or travel time except as follows:

  • Make every effort to urge the customer to deliver the unit to the distributor or dealer. The closest servicing dealer is to evaluate whether the problem is major and would require delivery to his shop.
  • Upon pre-approval by Kubota warranty administration, the closest servicing dealer will be allowed up to 6.5 hours travel time at the regular warranty rate to a maximum of 402 km at $0.50/km.
  • Maximum of 10 hours removal and replacement for industrial engines.
  • Maximum 12 hours for marine.
  • R&R can only be used where complete removal of the entire engine is necessary to facilitate repair.
  • Freight charges may only be claimed for complete engines that have been preauthorized for replacement.

Keep all failed parts.

  • Keep all failed parts at your dealership until the claim is credited.
  • Kubota may ask for the parts to be returned at any time in the 6 months following the repair.

Photos and bill of sale.

  • Kubota dealers can submit the claim using Frontier’s warranty claim form along with a bill of sale for the engine/unit, and a picture of the failed part. No claim will be accepted without the proper documentation.

A picture of the failed part and a copy of the bill of sale must be sent in with Kubota claims, or they are automatically denied.

Self-serve OEMs

  • Self-serve OEM’s are responsible for their own warranties.
  • Kubota does not accept claims for the following equipment.
  • Please submit the claim to the specific OEM (Self Service OEM List PDF-Icon 1)

Parts Claimed.

  • All parts claimed must be Kubota part numbers, and should be the latest versions.
  • Non-Kubota parts will be refused.
  • Miscellaneous items must be clearly stated and invoices provided.


Use the Flat Rate Schedule code to claim labour.

Murphy Switchgages

Return failed parts to Frontier. Warranty covers the cost of replacement only. Freight and labour charges are not covered.

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