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Frontier Power Products ULC was formed in 1983 in Delta, BC Canada. The founders were Larrie York, President, and Terry Sumner, Vice President.

From the beginning the company’s focus was to provide the best solutions for Western Canada’s demanding conditions. Few places on earth have such a variety of challenges. Engines are called upon to perform in extreme cold or in high temperatures, from sea level to the tops of the Rocky Mountains, and in some of the most remote locations on earth.To meet these challenges, Frontier Power Products designed products that anticipated the site conditions. These customized engines and generator sets worked well for our customers.

Soon, we found our equipment was valued in the cold of Antarctica, the mountains of Chile and Peru, and in the deserts of Libya and Mexico. In fact, our customers took our rugged equipment around the globe!

We’re still here, close to our roots in Western Canada, while our products are at work all over the world.


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