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Liquid-cooled Gasoline and Gasoline/LPG Engines (24 to 61 hp)

Kubota’s liquid-cooled gasoline and gasoline/LP engines are designed for low emissions while meeting the same durability standards as Kubota’s diesel engines. These gasoline engines both meet the CARB-ULGE and EPA Nonroad Emissions Regulations.

ModelEPA TierCylindersGross Intermittent (kW/HP)Max. Speed (rpm)FuelSpecs
WG752-G-E33318.3 (24.5)3600Unleaded gasolinePDF-Icon 1
WG972-G-E33 324.2 (32.4) 3600Unleaded gasolinePDF-Icon 1
WG752-GL-E333gas: 18.3 (24.5)
LPG: 17.5 (23.5)
3600Unleaded gasoline, LPGPDF-Icon 1
WG972-GL-E333 gas: 24.2 (32.4)
LPG: 23.1 (31.0)
3600Unleaded gasoline, LPGPDF-Icon 1
DF972-E223 gas: 24.2 (32.4)
LPG: 23.1 (31.0)
3600Unleaded gasoline, LPGPDF-Icon 1
WG1605-G-E334 42.5 (57)3600Unleaded gasolinePDF-Icon 1
WG1605-GL-E334 gas: 42.5 (57)
LPG: 41 (55)
3600Unleaded gasoline, LPG
WG1605-L-E33441 (55)3600 LPG
WG2503-G-E324gas: 45.5 (61)
LPG: 46 (61.7)
2700Unleaded gasoline, LPGPDF-Icon 1
WG3800-G-E32465 (87.2)2600Unleaded gasolinePDF-Icon 1

Gaseous Engines – Other Manufacturers

We work on an OEM basis with major gaseous-fuelled engine manufacturers including Liebherr and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Direct access to these engines gives us a product range to 80 litres displacement and 1.5 mW power output.

Our in-house mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities allow us to offer you custom-tailored solutions for gaseous-fuelled power.

Liebherr Gaseous Engines

Liebherr is a vertically-integrated international enterprise with a worldwide presence. While they are famous for the manufacture of cranes, they are also a major manufacturer of mining and construction machinery, materials handling equipment, aerospace components, refrigeration products, and more.

As part of the Components division, Liebherr manufacturers a range of high quality diesel and gaseous-fuelled engines. These engines are engineered, manufactured and tested in a state-of-the-art facility in Switzerland.

We are proud to be associated with Liebherr and to be able to offer these exceptionally efficient engines on our CHP generator sets. Although these engines are sophisticated in design, they still offer the rugged reliability that is required in CHP service.

Liebherr model G944 gas engine.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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