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Continuously available electrical power service is a necessity in many homes and most businesses. Not only is the quality of life adversely affected by power outages, emergency services may not function when utility power is not available. Sump pumps, freezers, computer and security systems, heating systems, in-home medical machines and other critical equipment rely on electrical power. For your business, lost power means lost sales and productivity.

Kohler’s generators can be fuelled with natural gas, propane or diesel and are available with weather protective enclosures that mitigate noise and blend in with landscaping features.

We will provide reliable and affordable electrical system backup power in whatever power range you require and will custom tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Backup Generators

Have a look at Kohler’s complete line of residential and small commercial backup generators and then give us a call to discuss your requirements.
Residential Generators

Residential 1

Commercial Generators for Small Business

Small Commercial 1

Transfer Switches

Kohler offers a comprehensive line of automatic transfer switches used to safely transfer the power from the generator to your home or business circuits when the power goes out and to turn off the generator when the utility power is restored.

Remote Monitoring

You’re in control wherever you are with Kohler’s remote monitoring systems.


From concrete pads to maintenance kits, Kohler has all the accessories for your home or small commercial generator.


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