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One of the things that distinguishes us from the other power products distributors is our experience and expertise in building power units, such as generator sets, pump units and light towers.

We are able to do this thanks to our mechanical and electrical engineers and design technologists who, using the latest CAD software, work closely with our vendors, sales people, and customers.

Our engineers take the grand ideas and merge them with reality to create an economical and practical solution.

Our Engineering department also provides the quality control that is a must in our business. And Engineering ensures that the engines and components perform through comprehensive application reviews and testing.


Here are some examples of the design work our engineers do for our customers.

Standard builds
MudMaster Pump Units
Engineering Page - MudMaster 2
Engineering Page - MudMaster 1 R
PowerTower and Genesis Light Towers
Engineering Page - Light Tower - Genesis 2
Custom builds
Prime and Continuous Power

Engineering Page - Edm 2 Engineering Page - Edm 1 R

Electrical designs
Engineering - Electrical Drawing 3 r
Engineering - Electrical Drawing 2 r
Engineering - Electrical Drawing 4
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