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What is a Power Unit?

An industrial power unit usually refers to a self-contained, free standing engine assembly that will be used to drive one piece of equipment, such as a rock crusher, conveyor, or Funk power takeoff. The power unit we build are usually radiator cooled and have the air intake and exhaust systems attached to the engine. The control panel, throttle, if required, and mounting feet or base are usually included too.

We design and build power units for many different customers. The power units can be provided to make final installation into your machine as easy as possible. We can provide couplings for hydraulic pumps, transmissions, stub shafts or other drive systems. Controls can be on-engine or on a harness for remote mounting. The completed power unit can be provided as open, semi-enclosed, or fully enclosed.

Some Examples

Here’s a small sample of some of the power units we have built.

Hydraulic Power Unit (John Deere 275 hp)

Working together with John Deere and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer, we developed a power unit module with the following features:

  • A skid built to specifications.
  • Custom mounting and vibration isolators.
  • A high-degree cooling package.
  • A gear-driven air compressor to run the vehicle’s air brakes.
  • A custom paint job.
  • A remote-mounted 2 stage air cleaner
  • A residential grade silencer.

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Custom Power Unit (John Deere 115 hp)

Unique features:

  • Sheet metal enclosure.
  • Tapered roof.
  • Cowl muffler.
  • SAE#4 bellhousing.
  • TwinDisc over-centre clutch.


Other Examples
8″ × 6″ Mission pump with a 2300 gpm capacity powered by a 225 hp John Deere diesel engine and mounted on our T12000 trailer.
200 hp core drill power unit with hydraulics.
A cementing and acidizing unit powered by a John Deere engine.
Power unit control panel.
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