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Protect Your Investment in Standby Power

Standby and emergency power systems require maintenance for reliability.

Although most generator sets do not accumulate many running hours, deterioration still occurs. For example, the lubricating oil may become contaminated with moisture following repeated cycles of warming and cooling, as the unit “exercises”. The starting battery ages. Coolant gradually breaks down allowing corrosion to take place and so on.

In some cases, regular planned maintenance is required by law. Emergency power systems, for example, must be maintained in accordance with CSA 282 standards. Many regulated users also require the service technicians to be either ASTT or M Class certified. Regardless of the legal requirements, all standby power systems should receive regular, planned maintenance.

Frontier Power Products provides scheduled maintenance services for standby and emergency power systems from simple residential systems to hospital and emergency preparedness centres. We have the skills, tooling and training to provide our clients with the level of services that their circumstances warrant.

We provide comprehensive written reporting that clearly tells you what services have been performed. As well, if any additional services are required, we will contact you in advance with a clear explanation of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and what it will cost.

Our work is fully guaranteed.

Contact us for a free, “No Cost – No Obligation” quotation.

Standard (CSA C282-based) Planned Maintenance Contract PDF-Icon 1

CSA 282 Maintenance Requirements Summary PDF-Icon 1

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