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Customization is our specialty

Most generator sets are built for normal load and site conditions. We recognize that a need exists for both standard and custom-built products and, therefore, we offer generator sets for both markets.

Load Conditions. Today’s generator sets loads are often “non-linear”. Variable frequency drives, SCR (silicon control rectifier) loads, and advanced computer controls are often encountered. We can customize the generator set to provide satisfactory performance under any loading conditions. As well, we can usually provide less expensive and less complex solutions, such as “across-the-line” starting.

Site Conditions. Altitude and temperature can affect engines and generators. We have experience in tailoring generator sets for high altitudes or low or high ambient temperatures.

Having the inventory

We have hundreds of engines and generators in our inventory.

Great products

We feel very fortunate to have some of the best products in the world available to us.

We use genuine manufacturer OEM parts to assure quality, reliability and component warranty.

CSA certification

As a CSA-listed generator set manufacturer, we take product integrity seriously. Canadian Standards Association approval assures that all the generator sets we build conform to demanding third-party standards. All electrical components used in manufacturing generator sets must also meet CSA standards. Consistent standards for components and rigid testing gives our customers assurance of quality not found in many competitive generator sets.

Engine Emissions Regulations Compliant

We want to do our part in keeping our world healthy. We are also required by law to only sell engines which meet the Canadian government’s Environment Canada engine emission regulations. For more information see Engine Emissions Links and Environmental Commitments.

Duty Free into US and Mexico (NAFTA)

Our PowerTowers, generator sets, pump units and most power units qualify under NAFTA and can be imported duty-free* into the USA and Mexico. We have many regular customers across North, Central and South America. For more information, see Export Information.

*Conditions apply.


Technical know-how

We have a very experienced sales staff backed by experienced service technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers, and parts staff.


We have electrical and mechanical engineers on staff to provide additional expertise and quality control. For more information, including samples of our engineering work, see Engineering.


Our focus is on understanding the requirements in detail and finding or building the power equipment that perfectly meets those requirements.

Top-notch service technicians

We wouldn’t have been in business this long without top-notch service technicians who will travel to your site and brave the elements to make sure that your equipment is installed properly and is in good working order.


At Frontier Power Products, we take safety very seriously. We are COR certified and a member of ISN Networld, ComplyWorks, PICS, and Contractor Check. Each branch is equipped with up-to-date tooling and safety equipment that is continuously inspected and calibrated to the manufacturer’s recommendations.



We work hard to give our customers great value.

There’s More …

We have:

  • Both mechanical and electrical tradesmen.
  • Fabricating facilities in all our branches.
  • Stock on over 30,000 parts.
  • In-shop or field service.
  • Portable generator load banks.
  • In-shop dynamometer testing.
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