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John Deere Replacement Engines

In order to prevent the premature scrapping of otherwise working equipment and to help prevent downtime for critical operations, Canadian law (Environmental Protection Act’s Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations section 12) and US law contains an exemption that allows non-road engine manufacturers, such as John Deere, to provide customers with new (replacement) engines that meet previous emission standards in order to replace tier 1, 2, and 3 engines already in use.

This exemption is intended to apply in cases where engines certified to current standards do not have the physical or performance characteristics needed to power equipment that was originally equipped with an older engine, and includes provisions to ensure that manufacturers and operators used the exemption as intended. For example, most OEM equipment engines are in very tight quarters. With the new engines being larger to accommodate required cooling-, emission-, and noise-reducing components, a higher-tier engine may not fit into your OEM’s engine enclosure. In which case, you may be eligible to purchase a lower-tier replacement label engine.

The name replacement label engine comes from the fact that a label indicating that the engine is a “replacement engine” is required to be attached to the new engine.

The regulations also allow the replacement engine to be a different brand than your existing engine. John Deere engines have developed a strong following for their reliable performance in many brands of OEM equipment.


The benefits of a replacement label engines compared to a higher tier engine include:

  • Save up to 40 percent on the price of the engine.
  • Configured nearly to complete (i.e., no air cleaner, cooling package, flywheel, starter, alternator and harness).
  • Same warranty as any new John Deere engine (when registered by end user). Extended warranty available at additional cost.

In order to qualify for a John Deere replacement label engine:

  • Core engine must come from OEM equipment, i.e., not equipment manufactured by John Deere.
  • If core engine is not a John Deere, the original engine manufacturer must confirm that a suitable engine is not available.
  • We must confirm that a current-tier OEM engine model does not meet the physical or performance characteristics required to replace the original non-current-tier OEM engine.
  • Core engine must be returned to Frontier as condition of sale.

We can supply you with a cost effective replacement package for existing John Deere powered or other non-John Deere powered OEM equipment. We have a number of models in stock up to 600 hp (448 kW).

For more information about replacement label engines, give us a call.
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