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Built to PowerTower’s unique standards of reliability, versatility and simplicity, our vertical mast offers the maximum light dispersion with one of the tallest masts in the industry.

A hydraulic lift with pendant control, indexed adjustment pins, and smooth operation provide operators with quick, convenient and safe deployment and transport. A simple and robust design mean long-lasting reliability and simplicity of maintenance. A true PowerTower!

  • 29 Foot (8839 mm), six-section, galvanized, vertical telescoping mast.
  • Hydraulic lift with pendant control.
  • 360 degree coverage.
  • Fingertip, index pin adjustment for lamp positioning.
  • Extended position locking first section.
  • Auto, full extension shutoff.
  • Nylotron rollers and bushings.
  • 1/4” AC cable with adjustment studs.
  • Powder-coated light bar with integral lamp plugs.
  • Safe in winds up to 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • 4 × 1000W metal halide lamp fixtures (standard) or 4x 400W LED lamps (optional) with lens guards.
  • 216,000 lumens (54,000 lumens x 4).
  • Secondary fixture retention system (optional).
Hydraulic Vertical Mast 4
Hydraulic Vertical Mast 5
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