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PowerLineStandard and custom generator sets designed, built, and tested by Frontier Power Products.
Standard Features
  • Controls and Accessories:
    • Key start panel with oil pressure, coolant temperature, hour meter and glow plug indicator.
    • Manual safety shutdown over-ride, fuse protection.
    • Safety shutdowns, energized-to-run, for low oil pressure/high coolant temperature.
    • Four anti-vibration mounts between generator set and base frame.
    • Electric fuel transfer and priming pump (12 VDC).
    • Battery rack and cables for 12 VDC starting system.
Optional Features
  • Fuel storage tank:
    • In-base or free-standing.
    • Various sizes.
    • Double-walled.
  • Enclosures:
    • Powder-coated.
    • Keyed-alike lockable doors.
    • Plated fasteners.
    • Heavy gauge sheet metal.
    • Sound attenuation.
    • Cold weather (Arctic e.g., diesel-fired heaters, modulating louvers).
    • Custom colour.
  • Custom paralleling controls and switchboard.
  • Transport Canada approved trailer base.
  • Custom electrical distribution.(e.g., free-standing panel boards, pin and sleeve connectors).
  • Oversized generator for non-linear or motor loads.
  • Remote diagnostics and communication.
  • Long Run Oil System™ package.

Standard Models

Here are some of the models that we have built over the years for customers and standardized.

Have a look around and then give us a call to discuss your requirements.
Kubota-driven Generator Sets (KS-T4)
Kubota-driven Emergency Stationary Generator Sets (KS-ES)
John Deere-driven Generator Sets (JDS-T4)


Contact us for information and pricing on larger, custom-built generator sets powered by Mitsubishi or GE engines.

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