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Travers Food Service Ltd. (division of Aramark Canada Ltd.) provides camp services for oilfield and other crews working in remote locations. The company will design, build and set up the camps for their customers. As well, they provide catering, maintenance, site clean-up and other services. They are a well-established firm with a wide range of specialty and standard camp services.

This unit, one of four supplied to Travers, is known as a “support unit”. It has two primary functions. The first is to provide reliable electrical power for the camp and the second is to house the propane tanks that supply fuel for the kitchen.


The generator sets are 100 kWe John Deere powered Stamford units. The engines are rated 158 hp (118 kW) at 1800 rpm. The generators are Stamford with a prime power rating of 100 kW. Only one set operates “on line” at any time. The other unit is available as a standby set should the need arise. The load transfer is manual, by means of a three-pole, double throw transfer switch. Electrical distribution includes Crouse Hinds pin and sleeve connectors and twist-lock outlets. A 3000 litre fuel tank (660 imperial gallon) provides more than seven days of fuel for the generator sets.

The generator sets are completely equipped to cope with the adverse weather conditions found in winter in northern Canada. Each unit is equipped with a diesel fired coolant heater and thermostatically controlled radiator shutters.

Two 1000-gallon propane tanks provide cooking fuel for the kitchens.

Travers Food Service aims to provide their clients with top quality camp services. We are pleased to have been selected as their power provider.



Camp Support Unit – John Deere-driven Gensets