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Exclusive Western Canada Distributor

We are the Western Canada distributor for:

  • John Deere industrial and marine engines.
  • Kubota industrial and marine engines.
  • GE marine and stationary engines.

We are the Kohler Power Systems distributor for British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

We are the distributor for Mitsubishi large-bore marine engines in Western Canada.

Frontier Manufactured Products

We manufacture standard and custom-built:


We also custom build:

  • Power units.
  • Centrifugal pumping units.
  • Electric and hydraulically powered equipment.

Our manufactured products feature engines and components supplied by John Deere, Kubota, Mitsubishi, FMC Industrial Pump Division, Berkeley Pump, Stamford, MP Pumps, Cornell Pumps, Twin Disc, ZF, Marathon Electric and other quality manufacturers.

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We have factory authorized and trained service technicians for all engines, generators, and pumps that we sell.

We also provide planned maintenance programs for most standby systems on the market.

For all the details, see Service.


We supply original equipment parts to assure our customers that the quality products they purchased will continue to provide reliable power.

With our state-of-the-art computer systems and knowledgeable staff, we will supply the right parts. We stock more than 8,000 line items, but, if we do not have what you need, we commit to providing the parts in an efficient and prompt manner.

We are online 24/7 with key suppliers like John Deere, Kubota, and Kohler Power Systems.

If you need parts support, we will be there for you.

For all the details, see Parts.

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