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We sell a limited range of custom, marinized Kubota diesel engines. These feature US EPA tier 3, naturally-aspirated engines with fabricated steel and liquid-cooled exhaust manifolds.

These engines are designed for heavy-duty service as fixed or variable speed marine engines for use in commercial applications.

Both keel and heat exchanger cooling systems are available. We also offer packaged generator sets, hydraulic power units, and customized auxiliaries.

Marine Generator Sets

Engine Models
Model________Generator Set KW – PrimeGenerator Set kW –StandbySpecs
D1105-DG/M8.59PDF-Icon 1
Marine Generator Features
  • 1800 RPM, 4 pole, 60 hz.
  • 12V starting/charging system.
  • Start/stop panel with pressure, temperature and hourmeter gauges.
  • Fuel filter and transfer pump.
  • Dry air cleaner.
  • Generator directly coupled.
  • Brushless design with electronic voltage regulator.
  • Single phase 120/240V output.
  • Load tested.
  • Skid mounted.
  • Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature.
  • Key start with glow plug assist.
  • Marine Enamel Paint.
  • Keel Cooling
  • Block heater.
  • Exhaust flex and piping.
  • AC meter panel.
  • Overspeed shutdown.
  • Oil sump pump.
  • Sound enclosure.
  • Vibration mounts
  • Remote start/stop assemblies.
  • 2 bearing generator.
  • 3 phase output voltage to 600V.
  • Custom designing for special applications.
  • Electric fuel pump (standard on V3300 models).
  • Heat exchanger cooled with raw water pump.
  • Keel Cooling System

Marine Auxiliary Engines

D1105 253000PDF-Icon 1
V1505 33PDF-Icon 1
V2203462800 PDF-Icon 1
V3300672600PDF-Icon 1
Marine Auxiliary Features
  • 12V starter and alternator.
  • Dry type air cleaner.
  • Oil.
  • Marine enamel paint.
  • Tested.
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifold.
  • SAE flywheel and housing.
  • Heat exchanger cooled:
    • gear-driven raw water pump.
    • stainless steel wet elbow.
    • stainless steel studs.
  • Wet or dry exhaust.
  • Sump pump.
  • Marine captive isolators.
  • Channel steel mounting feet.
  • Instrument panel.
  • Electric fuel pump.
  • Racor fuel filter.
  • Block heater.
  • Closed crankcase vent

For more information on custom-built marine auxiliary packages, see Custom Built Marine Auxiliary Packages.

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