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What is the Long Run Oil System™ Package?

We developed the innovative Long Run Oil System in response to customers’ requests for longer service intervals, without sacrificing engine reliability or durability. In some cases it was difficult or impossible to get access to generator sets that were operating in extremely remote locations. As well, accessibility might require suitable “weather windows” and helicopter time.

The result was a suite of modifications that would allow the engine to run for up to 3,000 hours between oil changes. The modification include reservoir capacity, primary and secondary oil filter additions, chemical enhancements to maintain the oil’s TBN (total base number), in some cases, and mechanical alterations to control the oil flow within the sump.

The Long Run Oil System is comprised of different things on different engines, but, in all cases, it is an engineered and tested system that will safely lengthen the service intervals.

Since we developed our first system in 2000, we have successfully deployed hundreds of generator sets that use this technology. We have experience in arctic, temperate, and tropical conditions. These sets operate in rental, telecommunications, mining, and remote villages and camps.

Available on:

PowerLine Generator Sets
Remote Site Extended Run Generator Sets


  • Engineered oil reservoir system.
  • An oil sump providing a large volume of lubricating oil.
  • A specially-designed bypass filtration system.
  • A visual oil level gauge with safety shutdown.
  • A conveniently located dipstick and large diameter oil fill.
  • Mechanical modifications, dependent on engine model.
  • Enhanced final filtration.
  • Baffle system.


  • Reduced labour and travel costs for routine service at remote sites.
  • Longer engine life when routine maintenance may be overlooked.
  • Vibration isolation of components to minimize wear.
  • No float valves and no auxiliary tanks.
Please contact us to discuss how the Long Run Oil System could be used in your application.
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