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Applications and Power Range

We sell diesel and gaseous fuelled engines for industrial and marine service.  Our product range is comprehensive, ranging from 8 to 4,000 h.p. (6 to 3,000 kW).

Engine Manufacturers

Marine and Industrial Diesel Fuelled

Displacement: 2.9 L to 13.5 L
Power Output: Up to 560 kWm (750 hp)

Industrial Diesel and Spark Ignited (gasoline and gaseous) Fuelled

Displacement: 0.3 L to 7.5 L
Power Output: Up to 224 kWm (300 hp)

Marine and Industrial Diesel and Gaseous Fuelled

Displacement: 14.6 L to 86 L
Power Output: Up to 1,350 kWm (1,944 hp)

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