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Types of Irrigation

Irrigation of agricultural crops is essential in many farming areas. Where irrigation is not essential it may be hugely beneficial in providing much higher crop yields.

There are different styles of irrigation such as linear, centre pivot, flooded furrows and so on. The common denominator is that water is supplied, in a controlled fashion to field crops to improve the yield or to allow the crop to survive where it otherwise might not be able to grow. Irrigation pumps are commonly powered by diesel or gaseous fuelled engines or by electric motors. The decision on which method is best depends largely upon energy availability and cost.

Water may be pumped from below the earth’s surface (ground water) or it may be obtained from rivers, lakes or other surface sources. In many parts of the world, irrigation is an important factor in providing food to the population.

Irrigation Pump Units

We custom build pumping units for irrigation and other agricultural applications.

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Agricultural Pumps

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