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What Does Marine Include?

Marine is a very broad term that encompasses both recreational (pleasure craft) and commercial activities. There are significant difference between the two, including the typical operating hours per year and the duty cycle under which the engine will work. Because there are so many different marine uses, there are many different usage guidelines and ratings.

Typically, pleasure craft operators use their vessels for sixty hours per year or less. The engines may be required to get a planning hull “up on the step” but once in a planning attitude, the power demand on the engine is significantly reduced. Similarly, even in a full displacement hull where the engines is under a continuous load, the low hours of usage allow for a greater power output while still providing many years of trouble free service.

Other special applications include military or high speed patrol vessels. Under certain operating conditions the vessels may be required to run at an extremely high power output for short periods of time. Engine durability is not the primary consideration; high performance is the most important requirement.

Contrast this with the needs of some offshore vessels or towing boats where continuous power is required for days on end.  Durability and reliability are the essentials in applications such as these.

Engine manufacturers know their products and provide ratings to suit these and other marine uses.  Use the information provided to find the engine that is best suited to your specific needs.

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