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The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industries are frequently discussed together. They are similar and many firms are active in both spheres because gas deposits are often located with oil formations. However, there are gas fields that are not related to oil production. Much of the natural gas that has been discovered and developed over the past decade or so has been made feasible by advances in hydraulic fracking. The fracturing of gas bearing formations releases the entrained gas which can then be collected at the surface.

Oil and gas producers provide the energy that enables the majority of the world’s transportation systems. Refined petroleum products such as gasoline, aviation fuels, heavy fuels and diesel can be conveniently transported along with the energy consuming device – truck, ship, tractor, locomotive or tow boat. Natural gas is becoming more common in mobile applications, but, at present, gaseous fuels such as natural gas and propane are more conveniently used in stationary services or in applications where the vehicle or vessel can be refueled from a nearby source on a frequent basis.

The oil and gas industries are essential to our way of life. The energy produced is required to move foodstuffs and goods of all types from their source to the consumers around the globe.

Products for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our gaseous and diesel-fuelled engines are used in many oilfield applications, including pumping units, power generation, well stimulation, cementation, and many others.

We offer reliable power products with cold weather and remote site options, if required.

For information about our products, parts and support for the oil and gas industry, contact your nearest Frontier Power Products branch.
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