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John Deere Reman Engines

A John Deere Reman™ Engine is a remanufactured engine built to exacting John Deere standards. Unlike rebuilt engines that are only taken down to the point of failure, each John Deere Reman engine core is completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected and every part must pass rigorous quality standards.

Available for most John Deere engines, including late-model electronic engines and many older pre-PowerTech models.

Key Benefits
  • Costs 25 percent less than a new engine.
  • Reduces downtime by at least 50 percent compared to overhauling your engine.
  • Carries one year warranty for non-agricultural applications or two years for agricultural applications. Labour also covered when installed by us or an authorized John Deere dealer.
  • Uses only genuine John Deere replacement parts and John Deere-approved manufacturing processes.
  • Factory matched to provide optimum machine performance.
  • Core engines have available dollar credits, determined by our core evaluation (see Core Credit below).
Steps in Remanufactured Process
  1. Each core engine is completely disassembled.
  2. Parts are thoroughly cleaned by either a bake or chemical cleaning process.
  3. All major parts are inspected for cracks using magnetic particle inspection that detects even the smallest cracks.
  4. Any part not meeting original factory specifications is replaced with a new part or brought back to specification by various John Deere approved remanufacturing processes.
  5. All wear parts, such as pistons, liners, bushings, bearings, gaskets, and O-rings, are replaced 100 percent of the time with new John Deere parts.
  6. The product is assembled using the same assembly processes that were used when it was built new.
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For more information, please contact your nearest Frontier Parts department.

For information from John Deere, see John Deere Reman Parts and Components.

Core Credit

The following table shows the credit you will receive depending on the condition of your core engine.

Condition 100% 50% 25%
No visible external cracks or breaks in the cylinder block. Yes No to any one of the conditions. No to any two of the conditions.
No visible external cracks or breaks in the cylinder head. Yes
Crankshaft is not broken or seized and rotates a full 360 degrees by hand with all bolts and rods and main caps torqued to John Deere specifications. Yes
No missing or damaged parts and the core is returned in an “as removed” condition. Yes Yes
Core is the same model as the engine purchased. Yes  Yes Yes

Note. If core is not the same model but is a similar size John Deere engine (e.g., return 4039 for 4045), and everything else is good, the core credit is 25 percent.

We issue the credit to you, after we inspect the core.

Core Engine Return Procedures
  1. Complete the green Core Return Authorization card received with the John Deere Reman Engines and return it with the core (i.e., old) engine to Frontier.
  2. Drain core of all fluids.
  3. Transfer any caps or plugs from new, reman engine to core engine.
  4. Attach core engine to metal stand new engine shipped on.
  5. Ensure all parts that are included in the reman engine configuration are included with the core being returned. If any parts are missing and/or damaged from the core, a deduction takes place for the missing parts to allow for replacement.
  6. To qualify for the best available freight rates, when sending your core to Frontier Power Products, complete the bill of lading as follows: 

Containers, Used tractor parts or engines, For salvage value only Per NMFC# 120865, Freight Class 70.

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