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We designed and built four generator sets for Silver Mountain Construction for two microwave-based differential global positioning system (DGPS) towers in Alaska: Potato Point and Cape Hinchinbrook. The DGPS helps mariners navigate the waters of Alaska by increasing the accuracy of positions derived from GPS receivers.

The generator sets (two per facility) are:

  • powered by Kubota 12kW engines and use our innovative Long Run Oil System.
  • housed in cold weather enclosures.
  • prime power units, the second set becomes standby when the load reaches a preset load level.
  • controlled  by a fully-automated paralleling, load-sharing, and load-demand sequencing.
  • monitored and controlled remotely over microwave transmission.
  • wet-stack protected by an exhaust gas temperature monitor which controls the external load bank, to ensure long engine life.
  • interfaced with customer’s programmable logic controller (PLC).


Potato Point, Alaska
Alaska Hinchinbrook
Cape Hinchinbrook, Alaska



Potato Point Microwave Tower
Potato Point, Alaska
Alaskan Differential GPS Towers: Two Long Run Gensets with Kubota Engines