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The Seaspan Protector was designed by Robert Allan Design Ltd. Seaspan ULC is the vessel’s owner and operator. With a length of 23 m. (76.5’), a breadth of 7.32 m. (24’) and a draft of 3.66m. (12’), the Protector is a heavy service towing vessel with a displacement of 149 tonnes (GRT).

After many years’ service, the original two-cycle main engines were replaced with Mitsubishi type S12A2 marine diesels. The new engines are in V-12 configuration and each has a displacement of 33.93 l. (2,071 CID).

Following a major refit in 2016, the Seaspan Protector, with her new Mitsubishi marine diesels, is ready for many more years of dependable and economical service on the British Columbia coast.

Seaspan Protector Tug 1


Seaspan Protector Tug 2

Seaspan Protector Tug – New Mitsubishi Marine Propulsion Engines