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The Transfluid MPD series of pump drives has a unique difference from standard pump drives. It has an input and an output flywheel to allow attachment to an engine or other driving source, and also allows the addition of an output driven additional clutch, transmission, etc.

The pump heads are located around the external part of the drive and allow attaching multiple pumps from both sides of the pump heads. There were five hydraulic pumps plus a small oil circulation pump used on this application, utilizing both sides of various heads. In the Ensign Energy Services application, a Drill Rig with a Top Drive, this application involved a diesel engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission.

As the output flywheel on the MPD18 could not be used for this application, we had Transfluid remove the output flywheel and build a special flange for the attachment of the Allison Transmission flexplate. The housing also had to be modified to allow access to the torque convertor bolts for attachment of the flexplate to the torque convertor. This was done with the assistance of Transfluid’s engineering department in Italy for this new application.




Drill Rig Power Plant – Transfluid Pump Drive